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All great drummers have to start somewhere - they don't suddenly appear on stage as part of a super group. At the Pacific School of Music, we like to encourage the dreams and talent of our students, whether they plan on simply learning drums in order to drive their parents insane while practicing or are aiming to achieve big things in the music world.

Drum lessons begin with instructions on body position and movement to ensure good results and lessons that cover a range of technical exercises and theories suited to each student’s level of experience and ultimate goals.

Our qualified drum teachers will offer the following training:

• Soloing techniques
• Drum set instructions for various styles of music
• Timing and understanding timekeeping strategies
• Using proper drum technique
• How to play drum fills
• Drum notation reading and music theory

Music lessons are believed to positively affect intellectual and emotional development in children, in areas such as language tasks, mathematical tasks, vocabulary, processing, and spatial-temporal reasoning. The discipline of music education transfers to academic studies and general achievement.

In addition, the cooperation experienced by playing with other musicians in a choir, band, or orchestra converts to general group and teamwork in other fields of study and play. In general, focus, memory, and attention are increased through the discipline of music education.

Why study with the Pacific School of Music?

It’s simple, really. We offer convenient scheduling and one-on-one dedicated attention from qualified, professional instructors. Our easily accessible studio provides a quiet, air-conditioned environment for lessons, with plenty of parking.

At the Pacific School of Music, we understand how important it is for our students to overcome obstacles and a lack of confidence and get up on stage. Students need to set aside their inhibitions and let the music take over and their talent surface. This is where we come in.

Call the Pacific School of Music now at (808) 836-8887 to book your drum lessons.

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