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The benefits of music lessons are believed to reach far beyond the acquisition of musical ability. Researchers claim that there is a direct relation between musical ability and developmental and academic achievement, as well as spatial-temporal reasoning. In addition to the intellectual benefits, learning music improves areas in life, such as self-esteem and confidence.

At the Pacific School of Music, guitar lessons cover the basics for beginners, increasing in technical ability and difficulty as time progresses. Students complete technical exercises with their professional instructor, learning musical pieces and accomplishing other activities with the aim of improving their guitar skills and performance.

During beginner guitar lessons, teachers show students how to hold their guitar, how to position the body correctly for comfort, and how to move fingers in the right way to achieve results. The guitar player learns to strum and pluck strings during their guitar lessons – with relaxed hands and fingers to prevent strain injuries over time.

All lessons include music theory, and students are taught rhythm, tempo, and reading music. Depending on the style the student wants to learn, the guitar instructor will touch on music history, discussing the different eras that have affected music. As is common, guitar lessons will include technical exercises, such as playing cords and scales.

The instructor will provide musical pieces to challenge the student, each with advancing levels of difficulty. The aim is for the musician to develop a wide range of skills, emotionality, and practice in their playing.

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