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At the Pacific School of Music, we are committed to musical excellence and have been teaching in Oahu since 1999. The discipline of music is learned over time, with practice and dedication. This doesn't mean learning music cannot be fun - or of great value to other areas of your life.

Our instructors see the wonderful advantages our students experience in their musical education. As they strive to reach goal after goal, students challenge themselves onward to greater heights, awakening talent and abilities. From beginner level to advanced, our children start off with the basics: how to position themselves correctly and how to move hands, fingers, and feet to get the best sound out of their piano.

Piano lessons are structured to meet the needs of each individual student and consist of technical exercises and activities and working on various musical pieces in increasing levels of difficulty. Theory during piano lessons includes reading music and understanding tempo and rhythm. Our students of western Classical music will be introduced to the many different styles and eras, such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, etc., to encourage technical ability and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of music as a whole.

Musical training physically develops the left side of the brain, and the following results are achieved through lessons:

• Music increases spatial intelligence and reasoning.
• It develops higher emotional intelligence.
• Music increases self-esteem and confidence in students.
• Attention, memory, and focus are developed through musical education.
• Music improves language tasks, mathematical tasks, and processing tasks.
• Academic achievement improves.
• It assists with developing teamwork and cooperation skills.

Contact us at the Pacific School of Music to discuss scheduling options and piano lesson plans. Call us now at (808) 836-8887.

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